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Cuvée Sybarite

The House Desruets established its vineyard on terrains of exceptional quality. Using traditional methods and century-old knowledge, the Desruets family has worked hard since the 19th century to produce the best champagnes. The family-owned vineyard was founded in 1888 in Hautvillers, in the village where Dom Pérignon discovered champagne. Today, Matthias and Thomas Desruets are the 5th generation who continue the tradition. From one generation to the next, the house harnesses its ancestral knowledge to obtain wines of peculiarities and flavors to make a unique champagne.

Cuvée Sybarite

Tasting Notes

The cuvée Sybarite is borned 2016 from teh inspiration of Thomas Desruets, 6th generation. He decides to innovate by leaving the musts with the skin of the grapes to Bottling only 936 units, our grapes came from sustainably farmed old established vineyards of Hautvillers to guarantee an exceptional quality. With a blending of 100% Pinot noir, harvest 2016.

The senses

The colour is slightly salmon-coloured. In the glass, a fine and delicate bubble.

The fruity nose is highlighted by cherry aromas.

The palate, gourmet and generous, brings aromas of rose and hibiscus in the middle of the palate. The finish is long and tangy.


It is an ideal cuvée to enjoy as an aperitif with antipasti or during a meal with meat on the grill. It can also be eaten at dessert with chocolate mousse or a “Fôret Noire”.

Serve at 8-9°C.

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