Champagne Boutique la Maison Joseph Desruets

New labels

To better distinguish our Cuvees, we will indicate the year and annual production volume on each label. Starting this year, our collections will be designated “M&T I”, with the numeral indicating the year of production, beginning with 2020 as “I”. We are also establishing a color code to bring a unique visual to each line.

The “Brut Cuvee Reserve” becomes “M&T I – Cuvee Signature” Brut Reserve. This line represents the identity of our house.

The “Non-Dosage Cuvee Nature” will keep the same name, “M&T I – Cuvee Nature”Zero Dosage.This Nature retains its aromatic potential, revealing the Hautvillers terroir, the cradle of Champagne.

The “Brut Cuvee Rose” becomes “M&T I – Cuvee des Roses” Brut Rose.This is a nod to its elegant finesse and fruity aromas.


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