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Two coteaux for a year !

Two coteaux for a year !

The year 2021 will be rich in still wines. Rich in our experience with our rosé hillside 2019, we have embarked on the production not of one but of two Champagne hillsides with different style from our 2020 harvest.
2020 thus completes an exceptional trilogy: as in 2018 and 2019, the weather conditions offered a very high quality harvest, the first of the conditions to produce a great wine. An exceptionally fast maturation process the week before the start of the harvest allowed us to harvest grapes of high maturity, perfect for developing a Champagne hillside.
If the first takes the codes of our «cuvée des cocus»: ageing in oak barrels for 8 months, combining the power of Pinot Noir and some notes of Chardonnay, the second comes from a recent winemaking technique on our farm, we have equipped ourselves with ceramic eggs.
This choice comes the year of birth of our second child: Sémé-Jin. It didn’t take much more to launch Matthias’ imagination to create a wine with unique notes and subtleties. If the oak barrel brings structure to the wines, the sandstone allows to keep a very nice tension on the palate. The blend of 85% of wines from eggs and 15% from barrels, all this according to the predominance of 60% of Chardonnay on Pinot Noir, made it possible to give a fresh Champagne hillside with fruity and tropical notes. A delight in the mouth that combines the sweetness of «banana candy» with the papillary dynamism of goji berry! An explosive cocktail representing our boy, half angel/half…!
Finally, the cuvée des cocus 2020, rosé champagne slopes, will delight you with its floral and smoky nose. A powerful wine with a beautiful structure, ideal for an aperitif dinner or a barbecue with friends. If you enjoyed 2019, you will be won over by the 2020 harvest.
Collection of 734 bottles for eggs

Collection of 788 bottles for the oak.

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